I have given my readers information that is pertaining to the county of Fife in Scotland.
If you would like to see other material about Fife, ask, I might be able to help. TM.


  1. Hello,
    I am interested in the Beveridge family from Strathmiglo. If you have any information or someone that I can write to I would be most grateful.

    Thank you.

    1. My Beveridge family is from the same place Brenda. Magdalene Beveridge was my grandmother.
      I have traced it quite a way back to Robert the Bruce!
      Pat Heggie

  2. HI, I am researching my Family Tree, from John Wilson of Kemback 1780s, married to Jean/Jane/Janet Cuningham of Kemback 1790s. their children, Edmund/Edward Loyd Wilson 1810 Ceres, Agnes Loyd Wilson 1811 Kemback, Alexander Wright Wilson 1814 Kemback, Isobel Anderson Wilson 1816 Kemback, John Wilson 1821 Kemback.
    Ann/Anne Adamson married Robert Purves.
    John Wilson (jr) married Janet Ness, their children, Ann Adamson Wilson 1849-1910 Cupar, John Wilson 1852-1924 Cupar, Robert Greig Wilson 1858, James Ness Wilson 1862.
    I have much more information I’m willing to share.

    1. Hi Gavin,
      John Wilson of Kemback in the 1780s was my great, great, great grandfather. I believe his father was also John who died 1/1/1712 in Blebo Crags. He married Agnes Gibson 1747-1824 on 9/12/1768. I only have the date of John ‘s death not his birth. My family come from James Ness Wilson whose son Hugh Munro was my grandad, his son James Gunn 1919-2004 was my father. I am really interested in any information you may have about their occupations and life styles. Hugh was a grocer and my dad a Squadron Leader in the RAF.

      1. John & Jean Wilson had 6 children
        Edmond Loyd Wilson, 22 May 1810 Ceres – 10 May 1861 Leuchars (Edmond’s first name varies in records incl Census, but wife, children & parents with dates confirm same person) married Jean Brown, 20 Sep 1846, Kemback (Edmund was a Farm Servant)
        Agnes Loyd Wilson, 13 Oct 1811 Kemback – 17 Dec 1819, Kemback
        Alexander Wright Wilson, 07 Aug 1814 Kemback – 14 Jan 1893 Abbotshall, bans/married Janet Walker 02 Jun 1838 Leuchars/Dairsie. (Alexander was a Lime Burner/Farm Servant/Ploughman)
        Isabel Anderson Wilson, 15 Sep 1816 Kemback – unknown
        John Wilson, 29 Apr 1821 Kemback – 25 Jan 1878 Inveresk, Midlothian, (was a Carter/Ale Carter/Ploughman) married Janet Ness 11 Dec 1847 Cupar
        Ann Wilson, about 1823 – 09 May 1888 Toronto, Ontario, Canada ( I’ve been unable to trace Ann’s birth in the Old Parish Record’s, I didn’t know she existed until by chance when looking for other members I came across her marriage records in Canada where she states her parents and place of birth.) Married John Smith 11th March 1865 York, Ontario, Canada.

      2. Margaret are you related to Lady Anne Cunningham 1600 and George Wilson was from Edinburgh. I am tracking Wilsons from Cupar Fife I have connected back to John Wilson 1550. I came to Scotland last November. I am interested to see if I have relatives there.

    2. My mother is 100 shortly and her family stayed in balgarvie Cresent cupar …she was from a large family of Wilson’s ..Her mum’s name was Marion..her dad’s was Peter.

  3. John Wilson, 05 May 1745 Ceres – 01 Jan 1812 Kemback (His son John’s birth records stated John was a ‘weaver’)
    Agnes Gibson, Abt. 1747 – 1824
    Their Children: (5 that I’ve traced)
    Agnes Wilson, 12 May 1771 Kemback – 15 May 1771 Kemback
    Agnes Wilson, 02 Jan 1774 Kemback – 06 Jan 1774 Kemback
    Agnes Wilson, 01 Sep 1776 Kemback – 1864 Kemback (married Andrew Forret, 21 Jun 1803 Kemback)

    1. I get comments emailed to me then I decide wether to allow them, this is the only one I have had from you except the test one you sent.TM

      1. I think I have your Grandfather, Hugh marrying Alice E Gunn, 1917, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England.
        After this I only have your father and what info you’ve shared, all of which is greatly appreciated.
        I am now planning on how I can visit Fife cemeteries to see what info, if any, I can get from them.
        Currently I’m visiting places in East Lothian, Scotland.
        I use ‘Find a Grave’ and ‘Billion Graves’. So far neither has helped with my ‘WIlson’ family tree.

  4. I am looking for information on James Nairn b. 1692 married Margaret Blyth in 1717 in Newburgh, Fife.
    Alson William Laing b. 1660 married Margaret Jarves bef. 1696 in Newburgh, Fife.
    Last one, Alexandeer Shaw b. 1659 married Anne MacKintoch or MacIntosh in 1684.

  5. I am looking for descendants of Thomas Donaldson and Elizabeth Brown of Kilconquhar parish. They had three boys John, James and Thomas and a girl Elizabeth between 1745 and 1753.
    Elizabeth Brown died and Thomas married Mary Dogg in 1761. They had Hannah in 1762.

  6. dear fellow
    researchers iam a new be into research iam doing a new probate of my gg grandfather
    james Paterson of kilmany village around 1875 .in kilmany record s old records.
    they were filitiation cases which now I can prove that there is never been illigitamcy
    at the sherrif court of records 1855 my gg grandfather name was also on record
    as the father iam trying to locate what he did when died the same for my ggggg.grandfather
    George methven on whom we know little of George methven was born around 1760.
    however they are gaps in my history. the family geologist , didn’t tell me about because I
    recon of third parties .1855,1841,1911.uselly because of ie. dormant land or title with house
    of land or estate farm etc .my fourth grandmother was even better her name was euphmia fernie
    her father was alexander fernie. my 6 th grandfather. of criech fife was William Sutherland his daughter
    was issabella Sutherland not the other way around anyone has further info on these names thanking
    you 2 names of creich of William Sutherland was sherrif of court of criech fife the other was land thanking you . I have done 5 years of research. not alexander metrhven of England and not alexander methven of 1999 or 2010 of bbc thanking you

  7. I’m looking for more info for my family tree. My great great grandfather, James Anderson, China merchant, married an Elizabeth McBean in St. Andrews and St. Leonards, Fife on November 16, 1850. Her parents were Alexander McBean and Anne Anderson. I’m trying to get more information on them as I believe they were from the fife area and was wondering where they may have been buried. Any help/pointers would be awesome! Thanks, Susan, Ottawa, Canada

  8. Hi there, does anyone know the origins of Sir Thomas Wilson Born in1167 Cupar Fife Scotland He Died in 1202 His wife was Lady Elizabeth Roberts who was born in 1195.

  9. Hi, I am wondering where or what were the origins of the Wilson family. I cannot find any information before Sir Thomas Wilson Born 1192 Cupar, Fife, Scotland. He was married to Lady Elizabeth Roberts. Any help, clues or suggestions are very much appreciated

    1. David: I believe that Sir Thomas Wilson, born 1192, Fife, Scotland, is one of my Great Grandfathers.
      I have been researching for a long time.
      I am on Face book, and e mail is (That is an underscore between my name and the 4)


  10. I am searching for death dates and location for Sir Thomas Wilson born 1192 Cupar Fife Scotland and the death date and location of his wife Lady Elizabeth Roberts born 1195 Cupar Fife Scotland. Who were each of their parents (including birth and death). I am not able to obtain any information earlier to the two ancestors above. I would like to know the origin of this Wilson Family.

  11. Looking for info on:

    Coloured preacher, giving series of lectures in East Fife coast towns in connection thE the “Hallelujah Army. In East Fife Record. 8 May 1885, p.2

  12. Hi there cousins!! I am Candie Hall a Great Great grandchild of Sir Thomas Wilson of 1192 from Fife Scotland and his son Thomas Wilson form 1226 migrated to Yorkshire, England anybody have some answers and if so I have some tree questions and answers also.

  13. hi there, im currently trying to trace down a charles wilson from cupar.

    i dont have alot of info, he is my nans cousin and she is trying to get in contact with family as we are coming to crail for a visit and to see family, with her ago etc shes worried it will be one off her last chances.

    my nans name being marion parker ( harper/murray )
    i also believe a family member names gracie died recently in st andrews

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