Police Burgh of Markinch


“Constans in Fide”

“Constant in Faith”

Markinch was created a burgh of Barony in favour of James Law of Brunton in 1673, became a Police Burgh in 1891.

The arms show a cross nowy quadrat in allusion to the ancient parish church, a representation of which appeared on the 1892 Burgh Seal and whose Norman Tower is one of the finest in Scotland; as the church was dedicated in 1243 to St John the Baptist.

The cock comes from the arms of Law of Brunton. The Latin motto ” Constant in the Faith” has been used for many years by the Burgh; it is obviously a reference to the long history of the parish church and probably also recalls the strong attachment of the men of Markinch to the Covenanting cause “in defence of which they spent lives, land and gear”.

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