Fife Trials

Lord Adam Pronouncing Death Sentence

Fife Criminal Trials and the ultimate…..Execution
This page is written purely as a historical document, I must apologise to anyone who is offended or upset by what is written.
I have found that many historians would like us to forget the era of harsh laws and sentencing, but I feel I had to include these cases to show you the differences in the time we live in today and then, (the 19th and early 20th centuries).
Perhaps you feel that the harsh laws should return for some crimes today?
If you have details of any crime you would perhaps like me to consider putting up contact me with full details.
Alexander Edmonstone
Charles Fancoat
Hans Regelsen
James Stuart
John Henderson
John Westwater
Margaret Cunningham or Masson & John Skinner
Michael and Peter Scanlon
William McDonald

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