Heraldic Series Postcards

Many thanks to Ralph of Ancestry of the World web site for giving permission to use material from his site pertaining to Fife.
Series information :
Date of issue : 1905-17
Number of cards : over 650
Image variants : Several

The cards were issued by Stoddart & Co, Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. The company was established in 1905, but had ceased publishing postcards by 1917. Their specialty was heraldic postcards using the trade mark Ja-Ja. They issued both plain heraldic postcards as in the series mentioned here, as well as city views with a small coat of arms, of which one example is shown here.
The company most likely also issued postcards for the Canadian market as BACT, as the design of those cards is very similar to the Ja-Ja cards.
Heraldic series
The Heraldic series is a large series of postcards with mainly arms of cities in the UK and Ireland and a few elsewhere (Halifax, Canada and Potchefstroom, South Africa as examples). It is not clear when the series were first issued and for how long the series was issued, but based on postmarks the dates are around 1905-1915.
St Andrews
St Leonards School

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