Marjorie Fleming (Pet Marjorie)

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Isa’s bed My dear love Isabella
Of Summer I am very Fond Then I would all quite happy be
Three Turkeys Fair
Marjorie Fleming
Marjorie Fleming (Pet Marjorie)
All the words and spellings are how Marjorie wrote them.
This “wonder – child” Marjorie Fleming, was born on January 15th, 1803, at 130 High Street, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, and died on January 19th, 1811 – a short life, but a happy one with a mission. Her poems were fascinating for someone so young.
It is not known if the following story regarding Sir Walter Scott meeting Marjorie ever took place or indeed was it the author, Browns imagination. Marjorie was a distant relative through marriage to Sir Walter Scott.
With her bright, ingenuous, subtle wit, her keen uncanny sense of values, she cast her spell over the “Wizard of the North.” For did he not say that he was amazed at her power over him, and “She’s the most extraordinary creature I ever met with, and her repeating of Shakespeare overpowers me as nothing else does.”Who can tell what deeps were stirred in Sir Walter Scott’s consciousness by his constant contact with his “bonnie, wee croodlin’ doo,” as he loved to call her? How many of his thoughts and even expressions, which we now treasure, were coloured or tinged by the quaint, yet apposite, vocabulary of his Pet Marjorie ?
She is buried in Abbotshall Kirkyard, Kirkcaldy.
Pet Marjorie and Sir Walter Scott

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