Another Fife hero

Piper A. MacDonald DCM

“Another Fife Hero”

Type of the stalwart Scottish race,
It needs nae scrutiny to trace,
When lookin’ in your honest face,
That he’rt an’ soul
Ha’e planted been in their richt place
Wi’ God’s control

When o’er the bloody field o’ Loos
The cheerin’ pibroch lood ye blew,
An’ comrades fell, an’ bullets flew
Aroond ye fast,
Nae daunted breath you ever drew,
Or glance back cast.

E’en ehen your piper crony fell–
Brave Simpson–‘ midst the fire o’ hell,
Your courage that did ne’er dispel,
But nerved you on;
An’ , noo, the D.C.M. can tell
O’ glory won.

An’ tho’ a limb frae you’s been riven,
‘Twas not for naught that it was given,
But ‘cordin’ to the laws o’ Heaven
For causes just,
To conquer hordes wha lang ha’e strived
To culture lust.

Noo gallant son, to such as you
A nation’s loodest praise is due,
For by sic deeds as yours at Loos
Has come the name
That this auld Scotland we sae lo’e
Has richt to claim.

by George Blaik Author of “Rustic Rhymes”

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