Genealogy of a street corner

Genealogy of a street corner.

I created this page because of the first picture on it, which was given to me by a family member this summer. A little about my connection to the photo, then the link. Hopefully the info on the page will help someone, or will entertain in the least.
The top picture postcard was taken between 1914-1919, mailed/written to my Grandfather Robert Mitchell, from (I believe) Samuel Sutherland. Both men lived at Rhymer Street in Townhead (Tounhead) Glasgow at the time.
My Mitchell family was from Gilmerton/Edinburgh area during the 1800’s.
The X on the right side of the first photo indicates where Sam was staying. I believe the address was 239 High Street, Newburgh, Fife.
I got carried away, and created the “genealogy of a street corner” it was interesting and I wanted to share with people whom it might be relevant to.
The North British Hotel is across the street from the address and shown in the picture. You can click a link to make the picture open larger, where you can better see the faces of the people.
Tammy Mitchell (Canada)

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