Royal Burgh Of Dunfermline

Latin Motto

“Esto Rupes Inaccessa”

“May the rock be inaccessible”

Appears to recall that Malcolm’s Tower was built on a site strikingly adapted for a stronghold.

King David I created Dunfermline, the ancient Capital of Scotland’s Celtic Kings, a Royal Burgh between 1124 and 1127.Later it was dependant on the Abbey of Dunfermline and in 1395 was set in feu to burgh of Regality in favour of George, 6th Earl (and later 1st Marquess) of Huntly, in 1588-89 but five years afterwards was conveyed in Regality to the Queen, Anne of Denmark.

From then on, it was regarded as a Royal Burgh.The arms are clearly based on the old Burgh seal but only eighteenth century impressions are on record. The tower is Malcolm’s Tower, the fortress of King Malcolm III (1057-1093), and husband of Queen Margaret.

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