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If you have any genealogy sites mainly pertaining to Fife that you think will be useful would you kindly contact me please with details.

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Public Records Europe Family RecordsThis site was asked to be included here:- For this list, we’ve put together resources and information about 46 different countries, so you can easily get started.
Ellis Island and Genealogy InformationI volunteer with a children's reading group at my library and we're currently reading a book called The Orphan of Ellis Island out loud together. The kids have gotten so interested in family history and genealogy, so we have been referencing your page when we need to look up some genealogy facts. I wanted to say thanks for sharing from all of us!

One of the girls in the group, Janey, also found a great Ellis Island and ancestry page (all on her own!):
English Family History and Genealogy at HomeNow I have only put this on as a favour to school children, because I usually only put FIFE related links, this site only shows ENGLISH material. Do you not have Scottish ancestors? I DO NOT ENDORSE THE LINKS AT THE TOP OF THIS SITE.
Genealogy - The Ultimate Beginners Guide I usually just put Fife material on my site but think this gives the beginner a good insight on how to start your research.

Genealogy is all about understanding the history of your family.
It’s about where your ancestors came from, how their world affected who they were, how they lived, and eventually, how they came to have children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all the way to down to you.
Family Historian in my opinion and a happy user since it was born the best Genealogy British programme around, with a fantastic forum as well. (No I don’t have links to the company, I just use it very satisfactory indeed, for beginner to expert user)
Fife Free Press Births, Deaths, Marriages etc. Present day announcements from the local Fife newspapers, the site is searchable.
Courier Births, Deaths, Marriages etc. Present day announcements from the local Fife newspapers, the site is searchable.
Scotland’s People one of the largest online sources of original genealogical information.
With almost 80 million records to access.
Family Search free family history, family tree, genealogy records and resources from around the world.
Fife Council Archives look after documents covering the last 500 years of Fife history.
National Register of Scotland are responsible for the registration of births, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths, divorces, and adoptions.
Scottish Monumental Inscriptions one of the best group of women, who help many readers from home and abroad by going around graveyards and cemeteries and photograph and transcribe inscriptions then put them on CD and the prices very reasonable as well keep up the good work girls.
SCT-FIFE Mailing List anyone with genealogical interest in the county of Fife, Scotland (also called Fifeshire and Kingdom of Fife).
Vision of Britain (Fife) a vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.
National Archives of Scotland this is the online catalogue page which allows you to search using keyword, reference and date fields. Persons (name authority) records can be searched using search terms and dates. Place records can be searched using search terms only.
Scottish Emigration Database currently contains the records of over 21,000 passengers who embarked at Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports between 1 January and 30 April 1923, and at other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960.
The Scottish Way of Birth and Death This project is a history of civil registration in Scotland from its beginning in 1855 until the Second World War. It shows how the basic tools of Scotland’s ‘vital statistics’ – the registers of births, marriages and deaths, were produced.
Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791 – 1845 The two Statistical Accounts of Scotland, covering the 1790s and the 1830s, are among the best contemporary reports of life during the agricultural and industrial revolutions in Europe. Learn more about the area in which you or your ancestors have lived.
Scotland’s Family the Scottish genealogy portal designed to help you explore your Scottish family tree. Our aim is to point you to free on-line data and information in diverse Scotland family history records, wherever you live in the world.
Tay Valley Family History Society Based in Dundee, on the east coast of Scotland, Tay Valley Family History Society is the main centre for family history research in the Tay Valley area (the former counties of Angus, Fife, Kinross and Perthshire).
GENUKI Fife this site has a vast amount of help and information for the Fife genealogist, from here you can visit other areas all over the UK.
Hydock, Hertzog, Simpson, Crawford, Halliday, Riggle Families Mary Halliday was married to a Simpson then came to Tarentum. The Hallidays were in South Shields and prior to that were Tax Collectors and in the weaving business in Dysart, Fife, Scotland. I was able to help Patti and Richard when they visited Dysart to research the Halliday’s I had a great time with them, their web site has a massive amount of info on it.
History at Home – A Guide to Genealogy I generally only put links to articles about Fife but was asked by Abby and Clara to check out this site. There is a large list of links further down the page that viewers from around the world might help them, without leaving the Fife Post too far behind, thanks again Clara and success with your studies.
The Seath familyfrom Fife in Scotland has spread over time to cover the globe. After researching the family for over 20 years Craig thought it was about time to share the information with the public who have an interest in genealogy of the Seath’s.
The link for Craig’s site appears to be broken or missing can anyone give me the link please?


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