Parish of St. Andrews and St. Leonards

ST.ANDREW’S., a city, the seat of a university, and anciently the metropolitan see of Scotland, in the district of St. Andrew’s, county of Fife, 39 miles (N. N. E.) from Edinburgh; containing the villages of Boarhills, Grange, Kincaple, and Strathkinness. ST.LEONARD’S., a¬†parish, in the district of St. Andrew’s, county of Fife. This parish derives its name from the dedication of its ancient church, and appears to have had its origin in the frequent pilgrimages made by large numbers of devotees to visit the relics of St. Andrew, deposited by Regulus, a Grecian monk, in the church of St. Andrew in the city of that name. The parish is principally within the limits of the city of St. Andrew’s, to which it forms an appendage, and with which in all civil matters it is intimately connected. The church, once belonging to the hospital of St. Leonard, and for more than two centuries the parish church, having fallen into a state of dilapidation, the chapel of St. Salvator’s College was appropriated as the church of the parish. It is well adapted for a congregation of nearly 500 persons.

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