Charles Fancoat

Court Case 1852, April 28th
At Perth Circuit Court, before Lord Cockburn, CHARLES FANCOAT was convicted of stabbing fatally a fellow labourer, Michael Harrigan, in the High Street, Dunfermline on the 14th February. He was sentenced to be hanged at Dunfermline on the 25th May. The Rev. Dr M’Michael, and other influential citizens of the burgh, made herculean efforts to secure a commutation of the sentence, and were successful. Mr Logan, for the defence, pleaded for a verdict of culpable homicide. Lord Cockburn described the tragedy as “the united influences of intoxication and passion.
“This was the last person under sentence of death at Dunfermline.”
Hanged 25th May 1852 at Dunfermline.

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