Fife Newspapers

Listed below is a table of Newspapers that were and some still are produced today in Fife.

Library Code m = microfilm holdings
BL British Library Newspaper Library, London.
DPL Dunfermline Central Library
KPL Kirkcaldy Public Library
St.AUL St Andrews University Library
Newspapers Dates 1. Where Newspapers held 2. Where Newspapers held 3. Where Newspapers held
East of Fife Record1856 - 1917St AUL, m.Cupar, m.
Coast Burghs Reporter1896 - 1898St AUL, m.
East Fife Observer1914 - 1967St AUL, m.Murray Library
Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly
Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly News1891 - 1892
Cowdenbeath and Lochgelly Times
(West Fife Times)
1892 -
Cowdenbeath and Kelty Echo
(West Fife Echo)
1900 - 1932DPL, m.
Central Fife Gazette1902 - 1905BL
Cowdenbeath Mail and West Fife Record1912 - 1914BL
Fife Herald (-News)1822 to dateSt AUL, m. 1824 - 1826St AUL, m. 1830 - 1843
Fifeshire Journal1833 - 1893St AUL, m.
Fife Sentinel1843 - 1845St AUL, m.
Stratheden Advertiser1853 - 1855St AUL, m.
Fifeshire Express1855 - 1856St AUL, m.
News1855 - 1862BL 1858 - 1862St AUL, m. 1860 -1862
People's Journal for Fife and Kinross1858 - BLDundee Library
Fife News1870 - 1974St AUL.
Fife Jester 1877BL
Monthly Advertiser for the Counties of Fife 1834DPL
Dunfermline Monthly Advertiser Monthly Advertiser for the Western District of Fife1835 - 1863DPL, m. from 1857
Dunfermline Journal1840-18621872 - 18921937 - 1951DPL, m.
Dunfermline Monthly News1849 - 1855DPL
Dunfermline Register 1851 - 1852
Dunfermline Chronicle1853 - 1856
News of the Week1855DPL
Fifeshire Timesc 1857
Dunfermline Press1859 to dateDPL, m.
Telegraph and News1860s
The Rock1868DPL
Dunfermline Citizen1885 - 1908BL
Worker1898 - 1900DPL
Dunfermline Express1900 - 1925BL
Fifeshire Catholic Herald1919 - 1930BL
Miner1922 - 1926BL
Dunfermline Co-operative Citizen1932 - 1933BL
West Fife News1937BL
Glenrothes Gazette 1962 to dateKPL, m.
Fifeshire Advertiser1838 - 1865KPL, 1844 - 1965m, from 1849.
Fifeshire Teetotal Courant 1839 -1841KPL
Kirkcaldy Record1848 - 1849(no files extant)
Kirkcaldy Observer1851 - 1852KPL
Kirkcaldy Independent1859 - 1862BL from April 1861
Fife Circular (of Advertisements)1856 - 1877BL from 1860
Fife Free Press1871 to dateKPL, m.
Kirkcaldy Times1876 - 1959BL from 1878
Kirkcaldy Mail1885 - 1954BL from 1889
Labour News for Kirkcaldy District of Burghs1923BL
Leven Advertiser1888 - 1939KPL and Methil from 1897, m.
Leven Mail(Fife Mail and East Fife Mail)1913 to dateBL and Methil from 1940, m.
Coast Chronicle1907 - 1910BL
Pittenweem Register1844 - 1856St.AUL 1844 - 1854
Cupar 1855
Nos 1 – 411 Nov 1844 – Dec 1852 reprinted in East of fife Record of Anstruther between April 19 1895 and Jan 30 1903,St AUL also has Xerox of bound volume from 1850 1854, Volume for 1855 in Cupar Library, Several Nos for 1856 in BL.
Rosyth and Forth Mail1919 - 1930BL
Rosyth and Inverkeithing Journal1937 - 1951DPL from 1940, m.
St Andrews
St Andrews Gazette1862 - 1883St.AUL from 1869, m.
St Andrews Citizen and East Coast Advertiser1863 - c1867NO files extant
St Andrews Citizen1870 to dateSt.AUL from 1872, m.
St Andrews Gazette1914 - 1915St.AUL, m.
St Andrews Times1937 - 1940St.AUL, m.