Kilrenny, Anstruther Easter & Wester

Kilrenny Anstruther East & West

Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther Easter & Wester


Above : “By well doing poverty is enriched”

Below: “May the hook ever hang in your favour”

Kilrenny, Anstruther Easter & Anstruther Wester were united in 1929. Kilrenny was created a Burgh of regality in favour of John Betoun of Balfour in 1578 and was, by accident, included in the roll of Royal Burghs in 1592; there it stayed despite an attempt to resign in 1672. Anstruther Easter was made a Burgh of Barony in favour of John Anstruther of that Ilk in 1571-72 and raised by King James VI to a Royal Burgh in 1583. Anstruther Wester was erected into a Royal Burgh by King James VI in 1587. The arms of the united Burgh conjoin the devices on the seals of the three former Burghs.

The anchor is for Anstruther Easter and denotes that it is a seaport. The three fish are for Anstruther Wester, and are thought to refer to the salmon in the Dreel Burn which is the boundary between the two Anstruthers. The Kilrenny arms show a typical fishing scene. The mottoes caused some discussion as Anstruther Wester had no motto on its seal.Eventually it was decided to place the Anstruther Easter one “By well doing poverty is enriched” above the shield and the Kilrenny one “May the hook ever hang in your favour” below.

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