Wormit in postcards

Wormit (Wirmit,) is a small town on the banks of the Firth of Tay in north-east Fife, Scotland. It is most famous for its location at the southern end of the Tay Rail Bridge, which has led to it becoming a commuter suburb of Dundee. Together with Woodhaven and Newport-on-Tay, Wormit is a part of The Burgh of Newport-on-Tay.

Wormit Railway Station opened 1 May 1889 and closed on the 5th of May 1969, was operated on a closed branch line, The Newport Railway, which left the main line (Edinburgh/Dundee) railway immediately at the south end of the Bridge to serve Wormit/Newport. After closure, Wormit Station was later dismantled and rebuilt at the heritage Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway to the west of Edinburgh.

In 1955, there was a serious train crash in Wormit Station in which three people were killed and forty-one were injured.

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