West Wemyss in postcards

West Wemyss is a village lying on the north shore of the Firth of Forth, in Fife, Scotland. The village was granted burgh of barony status in 1511, bearing the name from the Wemyss family who lived in Wemyss Castle.
The village of West Wemyss began as a settlement around the site of Wemyss Castle which developed into a centre for the salt industry in the area. A harbour was later built in 1621 by the Wemyss family for the use of coal exportation from the pits on the lands of their estate. The harbour would become a major export point for coal by the late 17th century. The ships brought back imports of wood, iron and flax from the Baltic Countries. A wet dock was added for the increased demand of the coal in the 1870s. Towards the latter stages of the 19th century, the village found itself surrounded by several mines – such as the Michael Pit in nearby East Wemyss.

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