Wemyss Transport in postcards

Wemyss and District Tramways operated a tramway service between Leven and Kirkcaldy between 1906 and 1932.

The Wemyss Tramway Order of 1905 authorised the construction of this tramway. It was financed by the Wemyss Coal Company, owned by Randolph Wemyss.

Services started on 25 August 1906, and it had running powers to the Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramways system. The depot was located in Aberhill.

The mainline of the tramway joined Leven, Methil, Buckhaven, East Wemyss, West Wemyss, Coaltown of Wemyss, Dysart and Kirkcaldy.

The company was acquired by Balfour Beatty in 1922.

  • 1-13 Brush Electrical Engineering Company 1906
  • 14-17 Milnes Voss 1907
  • 18-19 Brush Electrical Engineering Company 1925
  • 20-21 Brush Electrical Engineering Company 1928 (second hand from the Potteries Electric Traction Company)
  • 22-29 ex Kirkcaldy Corporation Tramways

Services were closed on 30 January 1932.

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