Mars Training Ship in postcards

The Mars Training Ship could accommodate up to 400 delinquent or disadvantaged boys.

HMS Mars was a two-deck 80-gun second rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched on 1 July 1848 at Chatham Dockyard.
She saw service in the Crimean War, was later converted into a steam screw propulsion ship in 1855.
Having become obsolete she was converted into a training ship. The Mars was anchored in the River Tay from 1869 until 1929, when she was sold and towed to Inverkeithing to be broken up.

Some of the images below are postcards others are from SCRAN which holds Wilson glass plates photographs.
The Wilson collection comprises several thousand Victorian glass plate negatives of areas in Scotland, bequeathed to the Free Library Committee of Dundee in 1923 by Alexander Wilson, a talented amateur photographer. A supervisor in a Dundee Jute Mill for over 20 years, Wilson took numerous photographs that reveal his particular interest in architecture and human experience, recording the changing face of Scotland from the 1870s to 1905.

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