Markinch in postcards

Markinch (Merkinch, Marc Innis, meaning “horse meadow” is a small town in the heart of Fife, Scotland.
Markinch is east of Fife’s administrative centre, Glenrothes.
The earliest record of a settlement is Balfarg stone circle, in an area now incorporated into the new town of Glenrothes, which is said to date back to 3,000BC from the neolithic period. Under the original name of Dalgynch, the town has been considered by some to have served as the Pictish capital of Fife. Terraces on Markinch Hill are thought to be either medieval or Roman in origin and on the northern outskirts of the town beside the East Lodge of Balbirnie House stands the ancient Celtic Stob Cross which may have marked the limits of sanctuary of Markinch Church.

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